Each one start one

Scott Ridout

Converge President

Point Magazine // Spring 2017

“It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known...” (Rom. 15:20). 

Paul was a church planter. Over and over in the Book of Acts we see new works started under his leadership. He experienced the transforming power of the gospel in his life and could not help but share it with others. The result was a church planting movement that changed the world. 

When Paul started the church in Philippi, described in Acts 16, the church’s core group seems to have been a woman who made purple cloth, a demon-possessed slave girl and a suicidal jailer. If God can use these three to start a vibrant church, he certainly can use you and me to do the same. 

There still is no better way to impact a community with the gospel than to start a new congregation. New people join new congregations, and new congregations bring renewed focus on the essentials. The result: Many people meet, know and follow Jesus. 

God has blessed Converge with many people who understand the power of a new congregation. Last year our churches worked together to start 48 new churches and sites in the U.S. and many more overseas. We are grateful for what God has done, but our movement is nowhere near its planting potential. As part of our 10-year vision, we are praying that all 1300+ Converge churches will have the privilege of starting a new congregation. We are praying that "Each One Start One." 

In this issue of Point, we challenge you to join Converge’s renewed emphasis on church planting. Whether you partner financially with your district to start a church, parent a new congregation by adopting a church planter or plant a church on your own, we pray God will use you to start a vibrant, reproducing congregation in a community near you.

Scott Ridout, Converge President

Scott Ridout is the president of Converge. A graduate of Virginia Tech and Columbia International University, he and his wife Lisa led Sun Valley Community Church, Gilbert, Arizona, from 1998 to 2014. Sun Valley has grown from 375 to roughly 5000 attendees on three campuses under his leadership. Previously, Scott served six years as a Converge overseer, including two years as chairman. He is also a church leadership mentor and will continue his coaching during his presidency.

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