Our one vision: Gospel Movements Among Every Least-Reached Group

We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation!

Our one mission: Multiplying Transformational Churches

We are committed to developing communities of Jesus followers who regularly meet and fellowship in reproducing multiplying movements that holistically impact individuals, communities and regions through the power of the Gospel.

Our central ministry focus: Develop Transformational Leaders
Transformational leaders are those who embrace God’s distinct calling, gifting, and opportunities for eternal impact. They are empowered by the Spirit of God, do all things for the glory of God, and maximize their influence to grow the Kingdom of God. Transformational leaders know that only when they are being transformed will they be effective in the life transformation of others.


“Inquire Now!” about becoming a Converge missionary


Why be a Converge missionary?

  • We invest in the whole person to produce God-honoring results
  • We discover innovative strategies to make room for your gifts and passions
  • We prioritize evangelism and church planting among least-reached peoples
  • We take good care of our missionaries through benefits and personal care
  • We have a strong kingdom partnership orientation
  • We are guided by strong biblical values

Qualities of Converge missionaries:

  • Loves God and is affirmed in their call to missionary service 
  • Effectively communicates, builds rapport and relates well to all kinds of people 
  • Has the ability to treat others fairly, regardless of personal biases or beliefs 
  • Achieves extraordinary ministry results through equipping and mobilizing others 
  • Is able to quickly recover from adversity 
  • Demonstrates self-control and an ability to manage time and priorities 
  • Facilitates and supports the professional and spiritual growth of others

What do Converge missionaries do?

  • Catalyze church planting movements
  • Develop transformational leaders with culturally sensitive and effective strategies
  • Contribute to the overall health of Converge
  • Effectively represent Christ to lost people
  • Continually transform into the image of Christ

Why should your church or school partner with Converge to send missionaries?

  • Proven reputation: God has given us a 70+ year track record of global influence
  • Professional assessment and training: we provide highly developed missionary assessments and outstanding training
  • Valuable partnerships: we value world-wide partners which enhance our missionaries' effectiveness
  • Long lasting investments: we are committed to long-term approaches producing sustainable outcomes
  • Least-reached: we employ multiple pathways to reach and disciple the least-reached, including unreached and unengaged peoples
  • You help inform and shape: we can cater mission services and approaches for your unique church or school
  • We are better together!
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