Church Planting

The most effective way to reach the world for Christ is by starting new churches. This is why every people group and community needs a church.

We start churches because the message of Jesus through the church brings hope to the world. This is why we’re committed to starting missionally-minded churches in every people group and community. 

We’re focused on connecting God’s people around God’s purposes so he might ignite movements of reproduction for the purpose of transforming lives with Christ’s love and truth.

Converge stands above the rest. We are focused on starting churches that start churches. Over the years, church planting leaders around the world recognize Converge as one of the most effective church planting movements with a success rate of 9 out of 10.


Industry leading assessment centers

Industry leading assessment centers
Hands-on practical coaching

Hands-on practical coaching
Shared Expertise

Engaged parent and partnering churches

Engaged parent & partnering churches

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