Jonas & Abigail Brenneman

Jonas and Abigail Brenneman are going to Frankfurt Germany to train leaders in children’s ministry. They will be working in the Mosaik church network to create healthy multi-cultural, multi-lingual children’s ministries in several church plants. Their focus is to develop children’s ministry leaders in this network, who will in turn develop the next generation of transformational leaders. The Brenneman’s will set up children’s ministries, annual VBS (Vacation Bible School), and build mid-week programs that focuses on reaching non-Christian children in the neighborhood.

Jonas and Abigail developed a passion for Germany when taking a mission trip to France. After two short term mission trips to Germany, God confirmed their calling to pursue full time missions in Frankfurt Germany.

• Only two percent of people in Germany are Evangelical Christians.

• Currently, Germany has the highest number of Atheists of any country in the world and also has been flooded with Muslim refugees.

• In recent years, there has been a major shift in Germany where people are more open to receiving the Gospel and many are coming to faith.

Jonas & Abigail Brenneman

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