Support a missionary
When you give to Converge missions, your contribution makes a difference in the life of a missionary and unreached people across the world.

Supporting a missionary is an easy way for you to make a difference in lives around the world from right where you're at now. Converge missionaries depend upon God's financial provision through the faithful, ongoing support of churches and individuals like you to fund their missionary work.

Join others in becoming a vital partner in seeing Christ's mission completed. Your generosity gives someone the opportunity to hear about and accept Jesus.

If you have questions or need assistance with giving to a missionary, call the Converge National office at 847.228.0200.

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Nicholas Haas
Help Nicholas reach people for Jesus in the United Kingdom and North America.
Eleanor Baxter
U.S. Ministries
Partner with Eleanor as she finds, equips and places missionary specialist in Converge initiatives around the world.
Dallas & Kimberly Bozeman
Togo, West Africa
Help the Bozemans as they proclaim the gospel of Jesus in Togo, West Africa to those impacted by Voodoo and the exportation of precious human life through the slave trade.
Secure Location
This profile has been secured. For their protection, high security zone workers are listed by ID number or partial name.
Steve Storkel
Steve’s goal is to admonish, teach, and train pastors and leaders in the Caribbean countries by connecting them with pastors and churches in the USA.

Converge has proven to be a faithful partner for us in the cause of Christ among the peoples of the world. This partnership has not only changed the world, but changed us.

Gregg Heinsch, Celebration Community Church, Celebration, Florida