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When you open social media, what do you see? Selfies, funny videos or maybe even the occasional vent or political rant. Current events create an emotional stir within the human heart that creates opinions. Many people are motivated to do something about things they are passionate about, yet they wish there was more that could be done to accomplish the tasks.

In the Middle East, there is a crisis that presents a unique situation. There are people who are hurting and just want the simple things in life such as food, medical supplies and shelter. The local government infrastructure is unable to support the needs of these people, who have been forced to flee their homes. The local church has decided to step up and minister to the physical needs in order to present the gospel to meet the spiritual needs of the people. Over past 10 years, God has prepared my life though various church ministries in order to aid with this crisis. Join this vision to take action.

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