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The Udon Training Center will be a multi-use training center close to the boarder of Laos that will train leaders to shepherd a gospel movement in the Northern provinces of Thailand and Southern Laos. Housing an English Center and church, providing a place for leadership training, conducting medical & dental missions, launching sports outreach, and deploying leaders to make disciples will make Udon Training Center a hub for Christian Education.

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The people & the place

The Isan people are an ethno-regional group native to Northeastern Thailand with an estimated population of about 22 million. Isan's culture is predominantly Lao. The two countries have a lot in common. Only separated by a line on a map, the region share a similar cuisine, dress, temple architecture, festivals and arts.


Stories of Impact

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Cory & Brooke Jackson
Partner with the Jacksons as they train indigenous leaders in Thailand.
Dustin & Melissa Leland
Partner with the Leland’s as they train indigenous leaders and share the Gospel in Thailand.
Joyce Fleck
Partner with Joyce to help bring hope and life to Thai people through the gospel of Christ.