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Dr. Bruce Hopler

  • Church strengthening

Leading courageously during times of uncertainty

Dr. Bruce Hopler encourages pastors and church leaders to trust God as they lead their people through unchartered territory.

Mar 25 2020

  • Church strengthening

Church, you’re probably playing the wrong game

Like sports, ministry is full of highs, lows, winning streaks and slumps. Too many pastors and church leaders have a football mindset when they should be thinking in terms of baseball.

Nov 25 2019

  • Church strengthening

8 questions effective spiritual leaders ask

Healthy ministry leaders should be actively asking strategic questions as to how they can actively engage in the work of God in their unique calling.

Aug 7 2019

  • Church strengthening

Raising leaders vs. valuing excellence

Every ministry leader has to balance the tension between raising leaders and valuing excellence.

Jul 18 2019

  • Church & pastoral health

Converge Responds: anxiety, depression and suicide among pastors

In response to pastor Andrew Stoecklein’s suicide, Converge executive director of Church Strengthening Bruce Hopler writes about what pastors can to do be proactive about their mental health and what to do when they are struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Aug 30 2018


  • Church strengthening

A glimpse into a Converge chaplain’s ministry

May 22 2020

  • Church strengthening

Following God into new territory

May 20 2020