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Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement

Thoughts on Flourishing...

A healthy church. Though it may look different from church to church, it’s the desire and goal for every pastor. My growing conviction sees a virtuous cycle where  flourishing people help build a thriving congregation which is sustained by a healthy pastor and leaders. These leaders then invest into the flourishing of individuals and on it goes.

On the Lookout for Church Planters

This is a personal invitation for you to come visit a Converge Church Planters Assessment Center (CPAC). If you want to jump start your ability to identify and work with church planters, taking part in an assessment center would be the best way. Besides that, winter is just around the corner and many of our assessments are in warm and sunny locations.

Sep 9 2022

God's Place in Your Perspective

Perhaps now more than ever, your resiliency is being tested. Getting up after being knocked down by adversity is harder. Recovering from crisis and disruption takes longer. Personal resiliency is needed to navigate and effectively serve your churches. But how?

Aug 5 2022

First Peoples Initiative

In his book, White Man's Gospel, Craig Smith, a Chippewa himself, brings to light the Puritan efforts to "colonize" the First Peoples. It was common for the young children of Native American families to be stolen from their homes and be taken to "boarding schools," where they were not allowed to wear their tribal clothes or speak their tribal language.

Jul 11 2022