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Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement


  • Church planting & multiplication

3 markers of every good church planting residency — and 3 pro tips to help you build an effective residency program

How — and why — your church should create an effective residency program that produces the next generation of church planters.

Sep 24 2020

  • Leadership

Bethel Seminary: Partnering with Converge to Develop Leaders

Bethel Seminary partners with Converge to recruit, develop and send out spiritually alive, biblically grounded, 21st-century leaders. Bethel's residency program helps prepare those leaders.

Sep 24 2020

  • Church planting & multiplication

Utah church planters tell Jesus’ story: the beauty of grace in life’s rugged mountains

“We’re the most religious state in the country, but we’re the least evangelical.”

Sep 21 2020

  • Leadership

Cowards & killers

Based on whether or not they reopen their church building, pastors are being divided into two camps by their members: cowards and killers.

Sep 17 2020

  • Missions

16 missionary appointees commissioned at historic Launch

Converge welcomes its first-ever Deaf missionaries as well as two full-time ASL interpreters.

Sep 11 2020