Tim & Amy Moline

Tim and Amy are strengthening churches by developing transformational leaders. Specifically, they impact the more than 1,000 churches of the Cameroon Baptist Convention by providing theological education at Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS). About 500 of these churches have an untrained pastor, so there is a strong need for theological education.

CBTS seeks to develop leaders as:

  • Pastors 
  • Bible 
  • Translators 
  • Missionaries 
  • Christian Educators 
  • Women 
  • Other lay ministers and leaders 

• Please pray that CBTS would grow in its capacity to train pastors and other Christian workers.
• Pray that translation efforts would be multiplied so people can hear the gospel in their heart language. There are still more than 200 languages that don't have a Bible.
• Pray that many missionaries will be raised up within Cameroon to reach the unreached.
• African Traditional Religion is still a powerful force in Cameroon and sadly, in the Cameroonian church. Please pray that church leaders and members would place their faith in Christ alone.

Tim & Amy Moline

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