Great Sea Initiative

The Great Sea
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We are asking God for a Gospel movement among every least-reached people group in the nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea — in our generation. We are intentionally pursuing gospel movements in the following ways:

  1. Targeting strategic urban centers – cities that influence the culture.
  2. Focusing on muslim people – in North Africa, the Middle East and in Muslim communities in Europe.
  3. Reaching marginalized communities – making disciples among the deaf; those with emotional, cognitive, or physical hinderances; and those in extreme poverty.

In all areas we will develop local leaders; advancing indigenous ownership of generational disciple making.

By faith in ten years we will have:

  • Movements begun in 50% of the nations.
  • Initial work and defined strategies among identified unreached groups in 25% of the nations.
  • Leaders identified for specific unreached groups in the remaining 25% of the nations.
The Great Sea //
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