Mobilization Associate

This important position requires a person who can help to effectively deploy qualified missionaries through an effective process of recruitment, pre-field preparation and deployment for new appointees. They will also be a vital member of the International Ministries Team and will participate in regularly scheduled International Team meetings to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate our work together. They will represent Converge and invest in the larger missions’ community at occasional national or regional gatherings of mission leaders and they will “step in” as needed to assist in moving our entire mission forward.

For those interested in this position please submit your resume to Lisa Johnson, Director of Human Resources at

Converge MidAtlantic District Executive Minister

The role of the Executive Minister is to help fulfill a district-wide mission helping churches work together to start and strengthen churches in the MidAtlantic United States (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, & North Carolina). The MidAtlantic District is the Converge Movement’s most culturally diverse district consisting of around 100 churches. Read the full description.

For those interested in this position or to recommend a candidate for this position, please submit your resume or the candidate’s name no later than November 1, 2016 to

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