Deaf Catalyst Team Meets Mawussé in Togo, West Africa

Meredith Henderson


As I reflect on the time the Deaf Catalyst Team spent in Togo in August, I was both encouraged and saddened. Saddened by the plight of Deaf children who have little access to language and education. Saddened by the prevalence of Voodoo and the fear it casts over the people in Togo. Saddened by the inability to find Deaf girls. But I was encouraged because salvation found in Jesus Christ is freeing men, women, and children from the grip of Voodoo, including some Deaf people.  Encouraged by the men and women on Converge's 6˚ Initiative team who have hearts for the Deaf children and adults they are finding. Encouraged by the relationship the team members are developing with the Deaf schools in Aneho and Lomé. Encouraged to see Azlyn, one of the team members, who has a passion to serve people who are marginalized and cast off. Encouraged by her adeptness in learning Togolese Sign language.

To read more of her story click on this link...  Azlyn's Story

On Saturday afternoon we participated in a Virtual Prayer Walk at a school in Aneho that Deaf boys attend. Click on this link to view a 3 minute video of the trip, including a highlight of the Prayer Walk.

God is beginning an amazing work seeking the Deaf lost sheep in Togo. I am privileged to by part of His work, as the Deaf Catalyst Team plans how to come alongside Mawussé and Azlyn with training and resources so a Gospel movement can begin in the Deaf communities in Togo!



Story photo: left to right - Mawussé (pronounced mouse-ay), Fabrice (pronounced fab-reese), Tammy, Dosseh (pronounced doe-say), Azlyn, me, Missy, Peter, Jonathan





Meredith Henderson, Missionary

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