From Candidate to Appointee to Global Worker

John & Lori De Cleene


We are continually thankful for the opportunity to work with those whom the Lord has called to serve Him to reach the unreached.  You all have enabled us through your faithful prayers and support.

Two months ago, 11 candidates attended Missionary Discovery & Assessment. Weeks prior to MD&A they participated in many assessments and submitted their testimonies and doctrinal statements. They were then interviewed for four days! Most will be appointees with Converge.

Several weeks later 11 different appointees attended "Launch." Three full days of biblical inspiration, learning the history and philosophy of Converge and technical exposure to software, web sites and accounting. In the next 12-24 months they will be global workers.

In the next two months three families leave the States as global workers. One family is headed to Birmingham England to live in the section of the city known to be the most diverse in the world, and, least reached. Another family will move to Thailand, also to work with the least reached together with another Converge family who arrived a year ago. Their team will also include Thai and Filipino believers. The third family is also headed to the least reached, joining a rapidly growing team in Togo, Africa

Thank you for your prayers:
*For the safety and health as the appointee's travel.
*For confidence and clarity to share their ministries with churches and individuals.

John & Lori
*Wisdom and insight to encourage and mobilize each appointee.

This June 21st-23rd, Converge will be hosting its biennial missions and evangelism conference called Reach in Denver, CO. I, John, am attending, and, would love to meet up with you there!  If you are interested in learning more or attending the event, please click here. 

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Since the sale of the Arlington Heights Office last year, please remember to send all donations to:

Converge, PO Box 772802, Detroit, MI 48277-2802, Please make your check out to Converge, and, please place our account number, 74299, in the Memo. Or, of course, give on-line:

Thank you so very much for partnering together with us in the harvest!

John & Lori De Cleene, Missionary

Coaching Converge appointees from the day they're appointed to the day they're deployed.