Deborah Guzman


Volume 3, Letter 6, September 2020



BREAKING NEWS! I have just finished another session of teaching language at Santisuk with Christian materials. I had one group this session with 5 students. A Thai person and I were able to share the gospel with each one of the students. They all said that they were interested in hearing more about Jesus. Please pray that they will open their hearts to accept Jesus as Savior.


We finished the session with a pizza party and each group shared something they had learned in English. The highlight was the testimony that one of the teachers shared about how God was working in her life. Again, the gospel seed was planted in their hearts. May God make it grow!


We had the opportunity for outreach outside the classroom with students on three occasions: for a game and food get together, a Christian movie night, and for badminton. The students that attend these events can experience the love of God through our lives.


I have started on a new adventure – getting to and from a new language school through the Bangkok traffic! I have been studying at Blessing Language School for two weeks now. I am taking the 3-month preparation course for the Thai Competency exam in November. The first week was a big adjustment to try to find the right bus to take, leave early enough to get to school on time. It is too far to walk, but not so far away. The problem is that I must travel on two very heavily transited streets that also have additional complications due to construction for the new sky train above them.


One day it took me 2 hours and 40 minutes to arrive! Now, I must get the bus around 6:45 AM, then walk about 5 blocks, take a songthaew (a pickup truck with two rows of seats in the back), then walk about 2 blocks to the school. All this is 85-90° weather and occasional rain. I arrive around 8:15. Class starts at 9:00. If I leave the house earlier, the traffic gets too congested. I do not say this to complain, just simple facts.

Now, I am settling into this new routine. I study in the morning and teach English in the afternoons. On Saturdays, we try to do an activity with our students, and Sunday, we congregate for worship.

Below are a few prayer requests. Thank you for your continued support of this ministry of ours!

PRAYER REQUESTS:                                                                    

  1. Teaching English at Santisuk-that students will open their hearts to the Lord 
  2. That the Lord will bring together a team to work with Deb at Santisuk soon         
  3. Cell Group’s Spiritual Growth                            
  4. For the salvation of Peh, Game, Jortae, Jun, Bew, Mook, and Fern
  5. Thai classes and Thai Competency Exam in November 


Deborah Guzman, Missionary

Help Deb share the gospel with unreached people of Central Thailand, disciple them and lead them to reach family and friends for Christ in a multiplying wave across Thailand.