Deborah Guzman


October 2021

Dear Prayer Letter Friends,

Thailand's schools continue to be closed to all but online classes. This makes our task even more challenging! ...but I love a challenge! It is the challenge to connect well with students even though we usually cannot meet face-to-face.

I am currently teaching a Level 4 class which includes a 1-hour interview outside of class time with each student. These interviews have gone very well. One of my students is already a Christian. Her and her family have been Christians for several years! Another student, Poppy, has agreed to attend our Sunday morning service online. She has attended twice and even shared a praise this Sunday morning! I can see God at work in her life! Please pray that she will accept God into her heart and life! (See picture of Level 4 group above)

A few days ago, I was able to reconnect with two of my students from 2017 when I first came to Thailand for a month as a short termer. Mook and Bew accepted my invitation to eat lunch together. I shared a gospel tract in Thai with them. May God open their hearts to receive Jesus as Savior! 

I spend time online trying to encourage various new Christians in their walk with Christ and testify to others who are not yet Christians. May God move in their hearts!  Please continue to pray for Games. He is the new Christian who several of you helped to start his restaurant. He has a steady flow of customers. Praise the Lord! Please pray that he will be able to get connected with believers in the city where he now lives which is about 10 hours from Bangkok. 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support of this ministry. We work better together to reach the lost for Christ!

Blessings from Bangkok,

Deb Guzman

I John 3:1-3

Deborah Guzman, Missionary

Help Deb share the gospel with unreached people of Central Thailand, disciple them and lead them to reach family and friends for Christ in a multiplying wave across Thailand.