March/April 2021

Deborah Guzman


Volume 4, Letter 3, March/April 2021




Greetings from Bangkok! May we all have a wonderfully HAPPY EASTER as we remember how God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins to be pardoned and to be able to live with Him forever. “But God commended (showed) His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died us.” (Romans 5:8)     

We praise God for a slight increase of students at several of the Santisuk branches during these very hot months March and April. Please continue to pray for more students with open hearts to hear God’s word, especially now when we can share with them what Easter is.

During March and April, I have the privilege to give classes to several young ladies: Poon, Ploy, Hah, Pla, Gratae, and Eye, as well as to a Buddhist Monk who likes to study English. His name is Milk. May God open their hearts to learn more about Jesus.

At the end of March, we were permitted to go into an elementary school here in Bangkok and tell 160 students the Easter story during a day's English camp! What a joy to be part of a team that shares God's love with others!

I continue to look for 2 people to join my team who can help me with the work at the Santisuk branch where I will minister as of December 2021. I have talked to several people and will continue to seek God’s will for the other team members.

Thank you so much for working with me to see souls saved in Thailand!


  1. For many students to enroll at each of our Santisuk schools and have open hearts to receive the Lord
  2. That the Lord will show me who the other team members are who will work with me at Santisuk, one who can speak English and one who can lead the new church to be planted there.    
  3. For more spiritual growth in our cell group       
  4. For the salvation of Peh, Game, Bale, Fah, Poon, Ploy, Hah, Pla, Monk Milk (he comes to school in his orange Monk robe!), Gratae, and Eye.
  5. For the Thai Competency Exam, that was canceled in January, to be re-scheduled soon. (There is still no word from the Thai government about when that will be held.)     


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