JULY 2021

Deborah Guzman


Volume 4, Letter 6, July 2021                                                                                                                      DEB GUZMAN

                                               YOUR MISSIONARY IN BANGKOK, THAILAND

What a whirlwind of activities! Thank you to everyone who was praying for my trip to the states. I was able to go to Mexico, mourn at the passing of a loved one, and see some of the folks whom I had worked with during the 33 years spent in ministry there. It was also a blessing to be able to spend a few weeks with my daughter in San Antonio who I hadn’t seen for a few years and read the Bible with her every morning. I was able to get two Pfizer (Covid) vaccinations. Then, for the final days in the states, I traveled to Jamestown, NY to see my family and visit my home church. I was only there 5 days which went by quickly. Since I could not visit the other churches in the states that help me, I compiled a short video as an update for them.

The preparation for the return trip back to Thailand and the actual trip were a real marathon! I contacted the Royal Thai Consulate in New York for the needed Certificate of Entry to go to Thailand. They kept turning down my application for one reason or another until, finally 3 days before the flights, they approved it! The 72-hour pre-Covid test was another hurdle since a rapid Covid test was not available in Jamestown. I saw that they did the testing at the airport in Buffalo. I left very early for the airport only to find out they didn’t start testing until 10:30 AM; it would take 1 hour for results, but my flight to NY City left at 11:00 AM! I did have a 5-hour layover in NYC, and I didn’t need the Covid test to fly to NYC, so I prayed that I could get it there in time and flew there.

I went to the first place at JFK that they directed me to for the free covid test just outside of Terminal 5, but they would not give me results until 24 hours had passed. I asked, and they told me about another place, not free, but I could get the results in 1 hour. So, I went to Terminal 4, got the test done, and received the negative results. Thank God! That hurdle behind me, I ran on to the next one…finding where to go to check my bag for the next flight. I was flying Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi – Bangkok, but there was going to be a layover first in DUB which I thought was Dubai…turns out it was Dublin, Ireland! The flight was booked with Etihad, but I needed to fly on Aer Lingus for the first part. I asked at the Information Desk in Terminal 4, the person sent me to Terminal 1. So, I am running around the whole JFK Airport with two big bags in tow! When I arrived at T. 1, I found out that Aer Lingus leaves out of Terminal 5. So, I went there and was finally able to check my bag, and get on the plane. All in all, it took 5 flights to get back to Bangkok! After a 14-day quarantine period and 3 nose-swabs later, I was free to go to my apartment! The marathon was completed successfully. Again, thank you for your prayers!

I mention all this, not to complain, just to let you know that, in spite of all of the difficulties life throws at us, God is always in control and will see us through! Thank you again for your continued support and prayers for this ministry of ours! May you also know that God will help you whatever difficulties life is throwing your way! Our God is so awesome!

Praise: one of my students, who I taught in March, has now accepted the Lord as Savior! Her name is Kratae (pronounced Grah-TAY). Please pray for her spiritual growth. She is so excited!  


1.  For many students to enroll in our Santisuk schools and have open hearts to receive the Lord

2.  For the move to Ladkrabang -  (I will stay in a room at the school.) 

3.  For the salvation of Peh, Game, Bale, Deng, Rad, Mew, Numwarn, Poppies, Fah, and Kath.

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Deborah Guzman, Missionary

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