February 2021

Deborah Guzman


Volume 4, Letter 2, February 2021




All of the schools opened again in February! I am so thankful to be able to teach f2f (face to face) instead of online. The number of students is very low, though, in all our schools. Ink is my student again this session. I have again shared some of the stories about Jesus with her. The other students are new. I am pleased to be able to minister to them and share about Jesus also.

We had True Love classes for the students during this month of “hearts and valentines” in which they learned from I Corinthians 13 what true love is.

Students have been attending several of our extracurricular outreaches, too. They have attended badminton, “The Chat Room” in my apartment for an hour of English conversation practice and sharing on Monday nights, as well as the cell group meetings on Sunday mornings.

Another person in our ministry has received the Lord as Savior. Please pray that this person will decide to follow the Lord in baptism soon and go through discipleship classes. Thank you for praying for the people here! You are an important part in this ministry of much spiritual warfare. We are a team!

I am trying to talk and be understood more by the people in my neighborhood so that I can share God’s love with them. I feel that they are accepting this “fa-RANG” (“foreigner”) more. Please pray for Rad and Somsak’s salvation. They have been selling noodle soup from a pushcart in this side street for over 20 years. Rad, the wife, is more friendly with me now.

I have the opportunity to meet many people in this immense city, but I still feel limited with the language. Please pray that God will help loosen my tongue more. I can communicate more than before, progress is being made, praise the Lord! I can read the Bible in Thai more quickly now, too! Thank you for continuing to support this ministry of ours!


  1. For many students to enroll at each of our Santisuk schools and have open hearts to receive the Lord
  2. That the Lord will give us one more team member to work with Deb at Santisuk Silom, one who can speak English and also lead the new church to be planted there.    
  3. For more spiritual growth in our cell group       
  4. For the salvation of Peh, Game, Bale, Bell, Fah, Jay, Ink, Champ, Geng, Poppy, Rad and Somsak.
  5. For the Thai Competency Exam, that was canceled in January, to be re-scheduled soon.            

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Deborah Guzman, Missionary

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