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Finding the way forward seems to be a bit of a mess these days, amidst the impact of Covid-19. If the virus is on the run, the near future looks bright. But if it follows the pattern of 1918-1919, the near-term, and long-term future is very uncertain.

There is a degree of uncertainty with the ministries I participate in throughout Asia. And yet these words spoken by Jesus readily come to mind: “Don’t be afraid; just keep trusting” [Luke 8:50] As we trust, here is some of what we see coming about:

  • God is writing a new chapter amongst our partners in the Philippines. While physical classroom instruction of all levels of education has been prohibited by the government, this has not thwarted ministry growth. Rather, it has allowed teaching and the establishment of a training school...fully online. We call this The Cloud Project.
  • In China, where Christ-followers can be thrown into jail for sharing their faith, we are much encouraged and inspired by how God is using local workers there in very special ways. 

“Caleb” is a local worker reaching out to Hui Muslims. He started an Education Center that is strategically located in the middle of a community that is notorious for drug-related crimes. Caleb and his team make regular home visits to help families and pray for them. The Hui welcome them saying, “You are unlike the Imams (Muslim religious teachers/leaders) who expect and demand cash payment for prayer. We see first-hand answers to your prayers for us!”

His team also visits the Imams at their homes. Caleb was praying for an Imam who started to tear up as the Holy Spirit touched him. Please pray that such a supernatural touch would eventually lead to a deep heart transformation.

Please pray for:

  • effective teaching and training through The Cloud Project.
  • Caleb and his team to bring Jesus’ love and light into the dark alleys of the Hui community. May they win the fierce battle for hearts and lives here as they reach out to the families of the children and youth.

The words of Jesus are not spoken too early, they do not leave hanging the question, “What’s next?”

May our hearts be inclined to follow in the way Jesus has clearly delineated. That is not too early to say.



      David J                                                                     

      International Leader: Asia                                                


David J, Missionary

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