From the USA, to Romania, to Ukraine - with Love!

Bob & Carol Marsh


24 May 2022

A portion of the funds given to Converge’s Ukraine Relief Fund has gone to ministries in the nations surrounding Ukraine. Those ministries serve in one of two ways: some of them serve the millions of refugees (primarily women and children) who have come to their land seeking safety and shelter, others serve by taking supplies from their nation into Ukraine to provide support to local churches, who in turn support their local community.

A recent update from Nicu, in southern Romania, recounted how funds were used to provide boxes of food which were taken to Chernigov, in the northern part of Ukraine, near the Belarus border. To date they have gathered and distributed 1703 boxes of food. Chernigov was hard hit in the opening weeks of the war, and the local church has been active in supporting the people who have remained in the battered city. 

Nicu also shared a unique aspect of their journey: “Some of this food was donated to the soldiers. In fact, every time we send food, because there are many barricades of soldiers on the road, they also receive some of the food. The stories of those who deliver food about Ukrainian soldiers are impressive. They are on duty 24/7 and rejoice when humanitarian convoys pass by and leave food for them.” 

Thank you for your continued support of Converge’s Ukraine Relief Fund. The story has been diminishing in the news cycle – but the need is no less overwhelming! Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial donation. As always, 100% of all donations go directly to know, trusted ministry partners in the region.

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