On the Road and Off the Clock

Blake & Kristen Harwood


April 6, 2019

Hello friend,

Life is full of trials. We have been reminded to persevere. As Paul's sufferings, faith, and perseverance are described in Scripture we can be reassured that he toiled, he rejoiced, he encouraged, and he grew. How do we toil, persevere, rejoice? Only by the power of God do we have the strength to continue and to pour out ourselves for the One that is much greater.

By His power, we can also be given wisdom and worth. We continue to seek God's wisdom as we made the decision during the month of March for one of us to leave our job of 4 years. Choices are not always easy, but the Lord gives us discernment and peace for which we are grateful. So that means I am off the clock! This allows us to pour more resources into developing meetings for partnership so that we can get to Togo to do the work that the Lord has prepared for those in need.

The month of March included some time on the road (I'm so grateful that Blake drives and I can nap!) as we shared about the ministry in Togo with local friends and with some of our beloved Virginians! Our trip to Virginia was life giving and enjoyable as we were able to visit Richmond, D.C. area, and Lynchburg to spend quality time with friends and family. April will take on some road time, as well, so we can meet with friends in Raleigh and gather with others including some of our 6˚ Initiative team at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters.

Celebrations were sprinkled throughout this past month for the birthdays and graduation of others, plus the end of a season with my construction team. Also, we nearly hit the 30% mark by the end of March for monthly financial commitments! This month's goal includes an additional $500 in monthly financial partnerships, for which we would love your prayers to achieve. We are incredibly grateful for our current financial partners and can't wait to see who else God partners with us to build His kingdom in Togo, Africa.

Much love from us.

Better Together,
Kristen Harwood 

Blake & Kristen Harwood, Missionary

Help Blake and Kristen build a ministry camp and plant churches to share the Gospel in Togo as a part of the 6 Degree Initiative.