Here, There, and Everywhere

Blake & Kristen Harwood


Hi friend,

It felt like we were on another planet, yet we were only four states over from our home. We flew into Colorado earlier in August where we spent 5 days of utter bliss being in constant awe of the rock formations, the views, the wildlife, the beauty. We’re really grateful for the relationships we could develop and deepen while in Colorado, too. Time around a dinner table and along trails with others was so valuable. 


The national parks in Colorado and Wyoming are some that we had hoped to visit for a while, but today they have new meaning and purpose. God is rewriting our story and He may be at work rewriting yours. Have you heard the new song by Phil Wickham called “Til I Found You”? Go check out the words.


In a few short months we hope to be in Togo. The people there are all created in His image as are you and me. God has immeasurable love and great power. He doesn’t need for us to start Gospel movements in unreached people groups. He calls us to share the great news and our need for our Savior, which we step forward in faith to do because of His great love, promises, and victory. Phil Wickham’s song reminds us that in Christ, we are brand new like a morning. And he shares “I never knew anything lasts forever til I met you." Knowing Christ and living for Him only creates a new “me” and gives us the hope for living with Him eternally. Our hope is in the victory that Christ has already won. Friends in Togo have gotten to share the Gospel through mobile sports camps several times this summer. They’re sharing that hope, victory, and truth. God is at work and we can’t wait to join in there. Eventually, those sports camps will be taking place at Togo Palms, the ministry camp and bible institute that our team will help construct. 

But before we go, there’s work to be done. Blake’s last day at work is approaching quickly after 4 fun years. Immediately we’re traveling across the southeast for two weeks and look forward to the doors we hope to walk through as we share about Togo and invite people to come alongside us and join those who make up 61% of our ongoing partnerships. We’d love if you would pray for our time during that trip. Next month will consist of 4 weeks of cross-cultural training in NC. That class will be so good for us yet it’ll probably speed time forward so quickly. Time flies, right? Prayers are needed for the preparation and progress to be had before that time flies by. We hope you’re excited with us. We’re certainly grateful you’re beside us. 

Better Together,
Blake & Kristen Harwood 

Blake & Kristen Harwood, Missionary

Help Blake and Kristen build a ministry camp and plant churches to share the Gospel in Togo as a part of the 6 Degree Initiative.