An Old Diesel Engine

Blake & Kristen Harwood


January 5, 2019

As I watched my father work on his skid steer (for the umpteenth time) over the Christmas season I started to think about old diesel engines and how sometimes they can be a real pain to start. When the weather is cold it may take some patience, persistence, and a little heat to get them to spin over. Sometimes it takes a little starting fluid to do the trick (not advised, but effective). That's what I thought our ministry partner development was going to look like, but that was not the case. With the Lord leading the way for conversations to happen over the holiday season we have successfully met our 10% end-of-year goal. As of today we are sneaking up on the 15% mark! God is good all the time!

Kristen and I hope your Christmas and New Year's were Christ and family filled. It was a time to slow down and just enjoy the season. Something about that time of year makes people feel generous. We have felt the love of this generosity. With more and more partners coming alongside of us week by week our partner team continues to grow. This continued growth will allow us to get to Togo with a sense of urgency to reach the people there with the best news in the world! This is the reason for the season.

We hope you will pray with us that the Lord continues to give us guidance and clarity in the conversations about partnership. We know that we are not alone in this mission and that you, like us, are wanting the Lord to be high and exalted in the end. We continue to be amazed by the grace He has shown us in allowing us to partner with people like you to be a part of His redemptive story in Togo.  

Kristen and I are truly grateful for your love and support.

Better Together,
Blake Harwood

Blake & Kristen Harwood, Missionary

Help Blake and Kristen build a ministry camp and plant churches to share the Gospel in Togo as a part of the 6 Degree Initiative.