September 2019



Here We Go...

I first knew I was being led to the Middle East in 2011. Now, after 8 years, I'm finally here. There have been many trials, struggles, and temptations along the way, and Dad has used all of them to sanctify me and shape me more into the image of His Son.

My commissioning service was so bittersweet. I've been with that fellowship for 6 years, and it's the only home gathering place I've ever known. To say goodbye after all this time was so incredibly difficult, but it was also exciting. While there were a lot of tears, there were also lots of smiles and laughs. I learned it's so important to take the time to say healthy goodbyes to family and loved ones, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to do just that.

I arrived on August 14th after 30 hours of flights and layovers. I am staying with my team leaders and their family in an apartment with an amazing view. We, as a team, can't wait to see how the Helper will move.

I begin language learning the first week of September, and I'm excited to get into the routine. These next two years are about culture acquisition, observation and learning. So here we go.


Farewells and Funnel Cakes

I love funnel cakes. A lot. There's nothing better than going to an amusement park and tasting the freshly cooked, doughy goodness. So, after my commissioning service where those in my family gathering lifted me up,  I prepared to go to Universal Studios with my close friend as one last goodbye with her. Once I arrived, one thought consumed my mind: I must get a funnel cake. 

We looked everywhere that first day and found none. We still had another day. It was fine. The next day we searched and searched. Still nothing. We scoured the internet. This was an amusement park. There had to be a funnel cake around somewhere. Finally at the end, we found a place outside the park. We drove 20 minutes just to get to it. I saw the booth. My heart leapt. As we got closer, I heard my friend say,  "Oh, no." It was closed. And that was it. As we drove back silently to the hotel, I stared out the window and started to cry. I quietly wiped my tears away, embarrassed, hoping my friend didn't notice. 

After she dropped me off at the airport, I immediately ran to the bathroom, locked myself in the stall, and wept bitterly. I wasn't sad about the funnel cake. You see, it had hit me that I must let go of so many of my conveniences. I had to say goodbye to a lot of things I held dear: friends, family, funnel cakes. But I also have so many things to look forward to: new family members, new opportunities, fulfilling a long-awaited journey, being used to reach the nations, seeing my Brother face-to-face in eternity-come knowing I was faithful to His leading, the glorious wedding feast in paradise. And maybe, just maybe, when I get there, I'll look down the long line of food on the table where all of my brothers and sisters are seated and see the freshly cooked, doughy goodness of a funnel cake. You never know.

210487, Missionary

Help this missionary reach Middle Eastern women for Christ, bring them to saving faith and teach them to make disciples who make disciples.