Once a sleeping giant, Asia is awake and a major player in world affairs. Dominant in the world's population, Asia also exerts growing dominance in the world's marketplace and a large stake in the global economy. Roughly one-fourth of Converge workers serve in Asian contexts.

Three of the world's major religions compete in Asia: Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Hundreds of languages and complex social and religious systems interweave to challenge a meaningful gospel presentation. Converge workers are finding new ways to partner with emerging leaders who are passionate about sharing the gospel with their people.

The Decade of Change church planting initiative in the Philippines established the goal to recruit, assess, resource and deploy 30 Filipino church planting couples in middle-class communities by the end of 2016. The list at the right represent our current projects in Asia. Reach nations...reach Asia.

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Countries: Cambodia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

    Point - September 2018

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