Juntos en Esperanza

Guadalajara, Mexico
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Juntos en Esperanza (Together in Hope) is a support group for families who have children with disabilities.

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Juntos en Esperanza (Together in Hope) is a gospel-centered ministry that is focused on loving and connecting families who have children with disabilities. This highly unreached community is hungry for emotional support and inclusion. By facilitating community interaction and hosting events aimed at improving the quality of life for these families, we create holistic ministry opportunities that allow us to minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs we encounter.

Jonathan and Melissa, founders of Juntos en Esperanza, are former Converge global workers with over 10 years of experience, 4 of them in Mexico. As parents of a child with cerebral palsy, they were uniquely positioned to launch a ministry of this type with personal access to the community. They are now based in the US, but work closely with the Mexican directors, Isaac and Gaby to continue the mission of Juntos en Esperanza.

Donations will directly support the regular community gatherings as well as special events including the summer day camp each July and the winter gala events that serve to grow and broaden our reach in the community.
Guadalajara, Mexico // Group photo from this summer day camp 2019
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