Out of Islam and into the kingdom of God: Red's story

North Africa

As told by a Converge worker in Europe

I never cease to be amazed at how the Lord brings Muslims to himself. Nobody is a hopeless case before our God.

"Red" (not his real name) is a young man who was so engaged with Muslim fundamentalists in my North African homeland that an imam of a large mosque sponsored him and sent him to Islamize Maghrebis — people from several North African countries. A week after Red arrived, he received news that his wife had committed suicide. Two weeks later his young daughter suddenly died.

As I sat with Red, he continued to tell me his spiritual journey: "When I learned about the death of my daughter, I opened the Koran angrily and said: 'Why, Allah, are you doing this to me? I have been bringing people to you and we are willing to die for you. Why are you doing this to me?' I threw the Koran against the wall, got up, and that's when I saw a Bible I had taken from a young Muslim man, which I was planning to burn. I don't know why I opened it. The first thing my eyes saw was a verse in John 7:38: "Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” I threw the Bible angrily against the wall the same way I had thrown the Koran, and I went to sleep."

Red said as he closed his eyes he saw a man dressed all in white standing over him, his face shining with the most beautiful light. He handed Red a glass of water and told him, "Drink this water, you are mine." Red said he never felt as scared in his life as he did at that moment, but at the same time he felt a restful peace.

The following day he went to his class, and a girl who never spoken to him before approached him and asked him what was wrong. She said he seemed different. Red told her about the suicide of his wife and the death of his little girl. So she invited him to her family home. Her father was a pastor of a small evangelical church; he opened the Bible and led Red to Christ.

Red said he cried more than an hour, and it was as if those tears took away all the pain, all the anger, the hurt and the confusion of the past years. The following Sunday someone from the mosque saw him coming out of the church and the told the imam who had sponsored Red. After many threats, a few men took him to a forest, savagely beat him, carved crosses on his wrists and left him to bleed to death. Fortunately, a jogger found Red and called to the police, who took to the emergency room.

Now, Red was so happy to have found another believer. As we prayed and shared stories, all I could think is: how great is our God. I'll be discipling Red in the months to come. I have not seen such zeal in a new Muslim convert.

Would you please pray for this new brother? Pray the one who brought him to himself will be glorified in him and through him.

    Point - September 2018

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