Newborn in a Feed Trough

by Bob Putman, Director of Communications

Read Luke 2:15-21

Now the story turns. After an astounding visitation by an army of angels, the shepherds watch as the host ascends into the sky and disappears. So the sheepherders rush off to Bethlehem to see what the angel proclaimed. Climbing the terraced height, they enter the town. There they find the virgin mother, a carpenter from Nazareth and a Babe in a feed trough―exactly as the angel had foretold.

With excitement the shepherds tell Joseph and Mary what they had learned about this child. Mary, who had six months earlier proclaimed in magnificent song what this child would be, meditates on the meaning of the shepherds’ divine message. And the shepherds, having heard from the angels and then seen for themselves, cannot contain the gospel they experienced. They speak it in the stable, tell in the fields and in the Temple courts as they deliver their sheep for sacrifice. They are the first evangelists of the Christian faith.

And newborn Jesus? On this slender thread―a vulnerable infant―hangs the salvation of the world. Thirty-three years hence, he will ascend to the Temple in Jerusalem, be condemned and as Lamb of God, die and rise from death to reverse the curse of sin and bring “glory to God in the highest, on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” Thus Luke ends this episode, an introduction to the greatest story ever told.

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