Haitian student dreams of studying in the States


by Sheldon Erickson

On my first visit to Haiti, a young man walked up and introduced himself, saying in deeply accented English, “Hello, I am Robenson. How are you?” Like most Haitians, Robenson is friendly. But like few, he asked for nothing but my friendship.

Robenson’s family, like most, is splintered. His mother and sister moved to the Dominican Republic. He tries to keep in touch by phone, and lives with his father and stepmother.

Robenson is sponsored by Amanda Ludwig through the One by One Haiti program. He is now in the 11th grade at Melchizedek Baptist School in Maissade. He belongs to the Oxygen English Club and helped the recent Converge team by translating during their vision screening trip. He sings in choir at First Baptist Church – Maissade, attending worship, Sunday school and youth programs regularly.

Robenson has two more years to complete high school. When he is finished, he is not sure what he will study, but he wants to continue his schooling so he can return to Maissade and support his family. His dream is to study in the States. Robenson is just one in a generation of Haitian leaders the  One by One program is raising up for the church.

Each time I return to Haiti, Robenson comes around to renew our friendship. At the end of my first trip, he came by and gave me a piece of hand-cut artwork as an appreciation of our friendship. I found out later he makes these and sells them to try to raise money for his school registration. He says he will not beg. He wants to be responsible, and God is good to him.

While in Haiti last June, I mentioned to Robenson that if he would make me some cut-work art, I would sell them to people in the States. Robenson sent 50 pieces of cut-work with the most recent mission team to Haiti. The artwork will be sold and the proceeds will be saved for Robenson to assist him with his education goals. If you would like to encourage this future Haitian leader, checking out some of his work and potentially making a purchase, email sheldonjerickson@gmail.com.

Sheldon Erickson is a teacher in Fresno, California. He is actively involved in New Covenant Community Church.

Click here to learn more about One by One Haiti.

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