Converge Southeast to host church planting Assessment Center

Steve Smith

By: Steve Smith

Converge Southeast is hosting its fourth church planting Assessment Center this June. For the past three years, CSE church planting director Victor Montalvo and Paul Saxman, alongside CSE executive minister Steve Smith, have been preparing potential couples for this experience.

Before the couples arrive June 20, they will have filled out applications and taken four evaluation tests that will help the assessing team know more about them. This gives the assessors a foundation to build from during the three days the couples interact with the team.

During the assessment the couples will have opportunities to share their calling, preach and speak privately with a counselor and go through a series of exercises to help the assessing team see what is inside. The goal is always to help these couples to discern God's calling and timing for them in the area of church planting.

When the assessment time comes to an end, each couple is given a personal evaluation, both written and verbal, so that they will know what their next step is. For some, they will be encouraged to seek more training or preparation in their lives before they take on the challenge of planting. Others will go straight to raising funds and forming a launch team in the location to which God has directed them. Converge will then start planning for the next Assessment Center.

Please pray for these couples as they begin this journey. 

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