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The 21

by Jim Eaton

They came from poor villages but had great dreams. Most were from the Egyptian village of Al-Our, expats in Libya trying to earn a better life for their families until ISIS brutally ended their lives a few days ago on the beaches of Libya.

According to...

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Reaching the children of Haiti, one by one

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. With poverty comes hunger, illiteracy and poor health. Haiti has one of the youngest populations, the median age is just 20. Many of those suffering in this country are children, who grow into adults who continue to face hardship. In fact,...

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The Exchange Church: Letting light into Lyndale

By Allison Hurtado

I planned to investigate The Exchange Church, having heard of its outreach into the difficult Lyndale neighborhood of North Minneapolis. From...

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Hillside Baptist Church gives away shoes and hope

Hillside Baptist Church, North Fork, California, held its 6th annual shoe giveaway to its mountain community. About 35 families attended and 138 shoes were fitted for children. HBC has given away more than 1500 pairs of shoes to students and their families. Pastor Steve Crotinger and his wife...

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Element Church rakes in community interest

Element Church in Hayward, Wisconsin, does worship differently every second Sunday of the month. Instead of gathering in the church building, they gather in the community to bless others with the love of Jesus.

Pastor Wade...

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Historic prayer meeting held for persecuted Christians

A Converge pastor in the southeastern United States held an historic prayer meeting with people from several denominations including Jews, Presbyterians, Baptists and Methodists to pray for Christians being persecuted around the world. 

About 75 people attended the prayer meeting....

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Ferguson and the challenge of race in America

By Pastor Jim Eaton, Mosaic Church

I went to bed last night with a heavy heart. The news coverage–left, right and center–of the events in Ferguson, Missouri, left me troubled. While the specifics of the situation do not yet seem clear, and hopefully the investigative process will...

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Random Act: Volunteers wash dogs and cars

The Vertical Church in Yuma, Arizona, held a Kindness Saturday event last week at a local car wash. There also happened to be a special dog wash, so along with cars, volunteers washed canines for free.


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Pastor's wife and daughter publish books chronicling mental illness

Pastor Dave Yeiser and his wife, Karen, from First Baptist Church in Greenhills, Ohio, lived through the nightmare of having a daughter in grad school dropout, disappear and become homeless due to mental illness. 

By the grace of God their daughter, Bethany, was eventually restored....

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The day God ate lunch at Wendy's

Converge missionaries Jim and Lynn Jarman are preparing to serve at New Life Church, Stockholm, Sweden, and are helping to plant 20 to 30 churches. Jim shares with us a recent story:

In the past 11 months we...

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