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Pray for Thailand

By a Converge worker in Bangkok

Early Monday morning (May 20), martial law was declared in Thailand. Eighteen times since 1932 a coup has been attempted―some succeed, some fail―in Thailand. The Thai military insists this is not a coup but simply an opportunity for all protesters...

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7 baptized in Panama City

Glenn and Susan Herschberger report that LifeBridge Church, Panama City, Panama, held its fifth baptism gathering yesterday, with seven taking this step of discipleship. "We had a huge turnout (17 people) in our last LifeGroup," Glenn also reported. "We love how these people are hungry to grow...

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9 new missionaries trained

Numerous Converge Orlando staff participated in training nine Converge missionaries in ministry partner development April 23-25 at the Converge Orlando office. Participants were Andrew and Jesica Coalwell (Japan), Austin Kidd (Argentina), Ashraf and Nivin I. (USA diaspora ministries), Steve and...

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Cirilo and Dory Doguiles initiate S2 centers

Converge missionaries Cirilo and Dory Doguiles are planning to start S2 centers in three districts in the Philippines.

The S2 program is designed to start and strengthen churches. Cirilo hopes eventually to establish S2 centers...

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Happy Birthday Wilondja Masongezi

Wilondja and Shirley Masongezi have been Converge missionaries in Cameroon since September 2013. Their vision has always been to plant a cluster of churches in the central and northwest regions of Cameroon, reaching out to Muslims....

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The real meaning of love

Mike and Nicole Zins, Converge workers in Thailand, are working against human trafficking. They celebrated love on Valentine’s Day, showing children in a village what love really is.

The Zins were accompanied by a local police unit and other organizations to travel into a remote village...

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Santisuk English School in need of teachers

Steve Cable reports from Santisuk English School in Bangkok, Thailand: “For the current March 17 to April 10 session, our final totals look like this: 70 students here with us in Ladkrabang, 101 students in the special summer kids program, 334 in the regular Santisuk program, for a total of 505...

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Moving forward in Myanmar

Amazing opportunities are currently being explored in Myanmar through a Converge church. Missionaries are beginning to reach out to remote villages. They have built a motorcycle road, brought in a consistent supply of water and installed a basic water-powered generator for basic electricity....

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Selander and Converge pastors conduct feasibility studies in Europe

A2:5 director Gene Selander traveled to Europe March 31 to serve with three Converge pastors conducting feasibility studies for International Baptist Convention/Converge church English-speaking plants.

· Valencia, Spain─A2:5 church planter Mike Evans conducting...

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