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Building a bridge to the Philippines

by Jenny Bolinger, Director of Outreach, First Baptist Church, New Castle, Pennsylvania

Bridges fascinate me: their construction, their purpose and especially their symbolism. Being from Pittsburgh, bridges are an important trademark of the city. I love New York City; one of...

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What happens at a MAC?

So you want to participate in a MAC? Here is what it is: The Missionary Assessment Center is a three-day process to help you. You'll be evaluated by professional assessors. At Converge, we have 15...

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Speaking English opens hearts in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok, Thailand, is home to 8.3 million people and several religions. With people moving to the bustling city for work, there is a special convergence of Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Hindus. Like any major city, Bangkok is colorful and bustling. Buddhist shrines decorate many...

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Confronting the power behind African Traditional Religion

One of the biggest challenges Tim and Amy Moline face in Cameroon is African Traditional Religion (ATR). ATR is deeply rooted, even in the lives of Christians, who fear spiritual attacks and curses. A music minister at a local Cameroonian church came under attack by jujus (...

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Converge missionaries confront poverty, crime and natural disasters in the Bahamas

The Bahamas often is a stop on a cruise, with white sand beaches and serene water. Although the islands are beautiful, many who live there struggle with poverty, unemployment and no access to education. Raoul and Karen Armbrister set out to offer opportunities and hope through their ministry,...

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Japan pastors: 50 years of Western missions and still building trust

The Japan Baptist Church Association (Rengo) is celebrating 50 years of church planting in one of the world's most unchurched countries. Started by Converge missionaries in 1948, Rengo began in 1964 and now has over 60 churches nationwide. Five pastors came to Transform, a networking gathering...

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Epikos Church works to combat malnutrition in Guatemala

If a child doesn't have proper nutrition in the first 1,000 days of her life, her brain development is compromised. 

Epikos Church visited...

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How was the door opened to radical Islam in Europe?

By a Converge worker in Europe

In the aftermath of the latest terrorist attacks in France, many people are trying to figure out what happened. After all, these killers were born and bred in France. In order to understand how the door was opened to radical Islam in France...

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Gibbs: Three months in Nigeria

Dan and Tina (center) visited the Orlando Converge Worldwide Office in January, after completing three months in Nigeria

Dan and Tina Gibbs start each morning with quiet time and breakfast together. If they are lucky enough to find some...

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Can We Do Short-term Missions Well?

By Roger Peterson, director of International Ministries partnerships

If you haven’t already played a part of in a short-term mission, it’s likely you will. More and more people feel the tug to live out an important piece of their Christian faith...

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