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Church in a Laundromat: The parallels of church planting and chaplaincy

by Chaplain 1st Lt. Peter Owens

During my first inactive duty training weekend as a chaplain in the Michigan Army National Guard, I was determined to hold a traditional worship service. My first challenge came in trying to schedule a time and facility for this service. No...

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6 characteristics of old-school leaders

by Lee Stephenson, executive director of Converge Church Planting

"Whatever you are, be a good one." —Abraham Lincoln

I love that quote from Abraham Lincoln. Consider for a moment what that means when it comes to leadership –the best leaders over...

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The missing ingredient of leadership development

by Gary Rohrmayer 

Jesus did not tell us to “go make leaders,” but he did tell us to “go make disciples” (Matt. 28:19-20). If your church does not have a strong spiritual formation plan, it will have a weak leadership development plan. Not every disciple will be a leader,...

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Point exclusive: Meet our president

An interview with Scott Ridout

by Allison Hurtado

Who is Scott Ridout?

I am a loving husband, a passionate father, a grateful follower of Christ. I feel privileged to see what God's done in my life and is doing these days. I love sports. I love...

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Transform 2015: Better together for...

Efrem Smith opened Transform 2015 in Garden Grove, California, January 19,. with 368 people in attendance. His message began with a powerful tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. He spoke of the work King accomplished and the work left for Christians. With racial tension at an all-time high...

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Driver's seat disciple-maker

Pastor Phu Pham believes in ministering face-to-face with both of his congregations, even if they are in two states. Each week Pham drives close to four hours to pastor Vietnamese...

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Boyet Lisbe: When missions comes full circle

When Boyet Lisbe stepped off the plane from the Philippines, onto U.S. soil for the first time, it was wonderful. He couldn't believe how organized the California roads were. He soon learned he didn't like the taste or smell of Mexican food, but he knew why he was there: to continue...

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Santisuk leader to tour U.S. ministries

Converge workers Todd and Karen Indehar are planning a trip back to the United States from Thailand. They share good news of one of their leaders in training, Noy.

The Indehars are bringing Noy to the U.S. to equip him as part of the new generation of Thai Christian leaders. He will be...

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Trout Lake Camp summer impact: the numbers tell the story

Summer camp can be more than fun; at Trout Lake Camp it's transformational. The camp located in Minnesota opened in 1947 and has seen more than 200,000 campers. Nicknamed the "Meeting place with God," the camp sits on 180 acres and offers...

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School of Church Leadership Celebrates first graduating class

The School of Church Leadership celebrated its first graduating class in several cohorts: Cedar Falls, Iowa; Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Whittier, California. The partnership between Bethel University and Seminary and Converge Worldwide allows students to take...

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