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Teach for Change, Not for Learning

In my last week as pastor of Edinbrook Church (now over four years ago), I reflected on my journey as their pastor over a period of 16 years. I share this truth with you because I’ve been reminded how significant it is.

It took me a while to fully embrace...

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5 states of church health

Converge Church Strengthening is a work in progress. We asked three Converge leaders to tell us where it's headed. 

>>> What are the five states of church health?

1. A Dysfunctional Church

Henderson: A dysfunctional church is deeply sick...

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How to stay mentally tough in the midst of ministry chaos

I don’t know about you, but I am finding I need to work harder these days to maintain a healthy attitude. 

The chaos of this worldfrom terrorism to politics and natural disasters to human crueltycan be so mentally draining we feel our optimistic faith...

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The new American religion

From our earliest beginnings we accommodated slavery into the core of our documents and our lifestyle, in violation of the Word of God. We worshiped Deism (Thomas Jefferson) and Transcendentalism/Unitarianism (John Adams), rejecting the person and work of Jesus Christ. The truth is, the blessing...

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Is the U.S. a Christian nation or not?

The call of following Christ in America has never been more daunting. We find ourselves caught in crazy currents that give us spiritual vertigo. It’s a mess out there. Political mess. Cultural and racial mess. Moral mess. And while we must address each of these in their respective fields, I...

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Making the most of your Easter opportunity

"Anyone will come to church on Easter." That's a phrase our church leaders said over and over at our church. We said it because we evidenced it each Easter, year after year. We all know Easter is the greatest celebration of the year for Christians―a reminder that Jesus rose from...

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Taking back the city of Milwaukee

On a warm summer night in May 2007, 4-year-old Jasmine Owens was shot dead while jumping rope in her front yard. This tragedy was the catalyst to catapult minister Richard Brown and his wife into full-time ministry. Violence and crime were starting to become commonplace in their beloved city of...

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The better together formula

So how can we be better together?

I have been studying and preaching Paul’s prayers for the church. In them we find a great source of vision and encouragement for the church and the greater movement of God. Paul in the midst of his teachings on the strong and weaker brother,...

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6 characteristics of Nepal’s leaders

I was reminded of the irreplaceable value of leadership on my recent visit to Nepal. In the past 18 months Converge has been a part of helping to start 856 churches in this country. The really good news is that this pace will accelerate because of the commitment to implement...

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Transform 2016: Renew your passion

At Transform 2016, 342 Converge leaders explored how to keep passion alive for the church, evangelism and God. On January 11, Music leader Bill Hackworth and his band of 10 kicked off the night with powerful worship. Dr. Michael Henderson, Converge vice president of National Ministries, gave the...

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