Caldwell’s book to spark missions movement among Muslims

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Larry Caldwell, Converge IM’s director of Training and Strategy, recently returned from a teaching trip to a predominantly Muslim country where his book, Missions and You!, has been translated into the local language comprising some 60 million individuals. The book has been previously used to help spark missions movements in both the Philippines and northeast India. It is hoped this will happen as well among the minority group of Christians in this Muslim nation.

“I’m excited about working with the Christian leaders of this large Muslim country in trying to start a missions movement among their people. The time has come for national Christians in this nation to own the Great Commission for themselves,” Caldwell said.

He hopes to return to this country in a few months to meet with key local Christian leaders and, working with them, to develop pathways to train and send Christian missionaries to the Muslims in their own country.

The English version of Missions and You! is available from Harvest Publications.

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