Boomers begin relationships in Sweden and Estonia

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A team of six people, ages 59-81, returned home last week after participating in a dynamic a short-term mission experience in Sweden and Estonia. Led by Richard and Leona Bergstrom, this team was a part of the first “Re-Ignite Global Encounter” and was sponsored by Converge Northwest, Converge 2nd Half Ministries, Nordic-Baltic Partnership and Re-Ignite.

Significant events and meaningful experiences were abundant throughout the two-week trip. Most noteworthy was the participation of 24 Swedes and eight Americans in a two-day Re-Ignite Retreat held at Åkerögården Camp northeast of Stockholm. Lives were transformed as individuals considered God’s unique design and plan for each in their “next stage.”


Relationships were forged during this retreat. Betty, one of the Americans, wrote: “Remember the two ladies I sat between at the retreat? I have received emails from both of them. They wrote a little of what they are doing and both are interested in having an email friendship!”

Most of the trip was focused on developing and enriching relationships with Christian brothers and sisters in Sweden and Estonia.

“Visiting, praying and connecting on a deep level changed our lives and had a profound impact on our faith,” said Leona Bergstrom.

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Note: Although the Bergstroms are no longer co-directing 2nd Half Ministries for Converge, they are actively leading and developing ministry with boomers through Re-Ignite. They are available and pleased to consult church leaders about ministry with boomers and older adults. Contact them at Re-Ignite:

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