November 2016

Reach Nations

Your Neighborhood: The New Samaria

A few months ago a Pakistani family—a father and mother and a couple daughters—moved into my neighborhood. A few days after they moved in we went over and greeted them, welcomed them to the neighborhood and asked if there was anything we could do...

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Kinsey: The Girl Thousands Prayed For

Kinsey Capaldo, a normal 13-year-old girl, played with her best friend Ella at the dinner table at Grille 26, whispering and making bracelets out of the cloth napkins. Grille 26 is the Capaldo family’s favorite restaurant. Her mother, Kari, said...

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Fear Not

I called my daughter this week to celebrate her birthday. She told me it had been a trying week for her, because she teaches the children of Somali refugees. It’s a tough and rewarding job, drawing on all her love and creativity as she leads them...

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Converge Responds to the Election

It has been a week since our country elected its 45th President. This election process included some of the ugliest and most embarrassing moments for our country I've experienced in my lifetime. I grieve over the ripple effect the tactics,...

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LifePoint Church

A View from the Passenger's Seat

The most unusual conversations I’ve had about our church plant have been in fire engines or police cars.

Just one year ago, after a few years incubating as a multisite, LifePoint Church launched. At the same time, the Lord opened doors for...

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Veterans Day

A Veterans Day Note of Gratitude to Our Chaplains

Dear Chaplains,

Today America honors our nation’s veterans in celebration of Veterans Day. Our gratitude and praise begins with remembrances of heroism, bravery, duty and honor...

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Hurricane Matthew

Haiti After Hurricane Matthew: Through a Pastor's Eyes

Haiti is the most-fragile state in the Western Hemisphere. After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake six years ago, a cholera outbreak, Hurricane Sandy and most recently Hurricane Matthew, Haiti has become more fragile than ever.

A Converge...

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Election Day 2016

How to Accept One Another in this Election Season

In the following article, Converge pastor Jim Eaton seeks to help his congregation navigate diversity issues in the political arena. We believe what he says has broader application to our Converge movement in this time of political...

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Living Grace Church, Great Falls, Montana

Merging Churches Bridge Racial Tension

Several years ago Andre and Peggy Murphy moved to Montana to pastor an existing church. Commissioned and sent by Dr. Robin Holland’s congregation at Living Hope Baptist Church in Aurora, Colorado, the Murphys felt supported in taking the lead....

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