August 2016

South Side Initiative

Newest Church Planters take on Chicago’s South Side

Duane and Sauda Porter dream of a different Chicago. They are planting on a church on the city’s south side, known for gun violence and a high...

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West End Community Church

Raised to New Life: A Church Plant's First Baptism

We had been working hard all day to put on a kids outreach program at Bucklin Park, and everyone was pretty tired. We had a two-hour break to rest before we had to start setting up for our highly publicized outdoor concert and movie night, so...

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Texas Flooding

Converge responds to Louisiana and Texas flooding

With 13 people killed and $30 million in damage to more than 40,000 homes, Louisiana is struggling to recover from historic flooding. Likewise, when the powerful storm switched direction, it hit hard in the Greater Houston, Texas, area. Hundreds...

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5 Ways to Minister to an Unbelieving Parent

Don sat, closed his eyes and breathed the fresh air. Although the worn-out bench was hard and uncomfortable, it was his soul that felt splintered and tattered. He had spent the morning in a Bulgarian orphanage, laughing, playing and singing with...

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The Timothy Initiative

Nepal: From an American Pastor’s Eyes

From July 20-30, 2016, pastor Scott Wilson traveled with 10 other Converge MidAmerica pastors to Nepal with ...

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Bethany Baptist Church, Moline, Illinois

140 years: Started by Immigrants, Still Reaching Immigrants

As a refugee and immigrant crisis leaves the world saddened, angry and confused, to residents of Moline, Illinois, immigrants and refugees are familiar. In 1851 Gustaf Palmquist...

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What if Someone Walks Away from Restoration?

With leaders across the country being removed or stepping down from their positions, the restoration process begins. But what if it doesn’t work?

Nothing is as disappointing for a restoration team as someone walking away. It has happened...

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