February 2016

Helari Puu

Helari Puu: Missions Pioneer

Helari Puu (at left) has always been a pioneer. He was the youngest pastor elected to lead the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia once his country gained its freedom from the USSR. He was the youngest person from Eastern...

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5 ways to increase giving

5 ways to increase giving

 "I wish we just had more money.” I have heard many pastors say that very thing. The reality is, ministry and money go hand-in-hand. Pastors often feel under the gun to generate more money to help fund more ministry initiatives. Most pastors...

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New Hope Lafayette

Bringing love to Lafayette

Twelve years ago, John Newman moved his family from Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Lafayette, Louisiana. He took a position as a small groups pastor/ministry director. The transition from the Midwest to Cajun culture, which is extremely close knit and...

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Sandy Hook mom

Sandy Hook moms share God's love

Back on December 14, 2012, families in Newtown, Connecticut, faced one of the most-tragic mass shootings in the history of the United States when a lone gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Among the 26 victims were Catherine...

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Daniel Im

10 minutes with Daniel Im

Converge staff writer Allison Hurtado sat down with Daniel Im, director of church multiplication of NewChurches.com and LifeWay...

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Converge Bridge Network

Fear of deep water: When God turns your world upside down

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the ocean. I grew up going to Huntington Beach to visit my grandparents and attended college in Southern California, so the beach was always a destination full of fun and memories. Both as a kid and...

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Heart & Soul Community Church Detroit, Michigan

The Robersons: Putting heart & soul back in Detroit

Cornelius Roberson wanted to be a Catholic priest, until he shared his chosen career path with his father, who hit him with the news: You are Baptist. Roberson and his wife Marisa laugh about it now from their Detroit home. But a calling is a...

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Joy in acts of love and sharing

In November I was in Haiti for eight days with a team of 10 from Converge Northeast and 20 Haitians. It was a time of hard work and joy. In the midst of sickness and poverty we ministered to people and experienced their joy at the care, concern,...

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