October 2015

Kingdom State Church

Climbing the corporate ladder into church planting

Paul Robinson was sitting in a classroom at Kansas State University, listening to a presentation by a Target executive. He and his classmates were confused. As construction/architectural engineering majors, Robinson and his fellow students found...

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The Brain

The perfect brain

On Watching Episode 1 of The Brain with David Eagleman

Last Wednesday my wife and I took in the first episode of The Brain with David...

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Bob Travels: A visit to two churches

It was a long, sweaty walk through fields and along rice paddies to reach this remote mountain fellowship. Bhakati Christian Church is just three months old and hosted in the home of a new believer.


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Bob Travels: At the temple in Kathmandu

While in Nepal (August 28-September 8) to report on earthquake relief efforts and the fastest-growing church movement in the world, our team visited the Pashupatinath Hindu temple in Kathmandu.

There, we teased monkeys playing in the trees...

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Casa de Vida, McHenry, Illinois

Church buys apartment complex clubhouse

Jessy Padilla, along with other Latino believers, planted Casa de Vida, McHenry, Illinois, in 2010. McHenry is a small town, 55 miles outside of Chicago, with a population that is 90 percent Hispanic. Orchard Church has rented their building to...

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Saving Grace Maternity Home

Pregnant teens find saving grace in Oregon

Cindy Sorum was working at an all-girl’s school in downtown Portland, Oregon, when a teen came to her for help. She was pregnant, and her parents had kicked her out. She had nowhere to go. Cindy brought her to a maternity house that took in...

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Imagine never hearing the name of Jesus. In your whole life!

This was what Susan and I and our team of scouts found in a remote region of Indonesia recently. Our group of six traveled two hours down the coast from a fair-sized city and...

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