March 2012

New books from Converge authors

Unlikely Hero, by Duncan Robinson

This Converge pastor from Maricopa, Ariz., challenges ordinary...

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More with John Jenkins

At your church, what are some of the qualities you look for when you decide to invest in a potential leader?

We take the 2 Timothy 2 passage as our guide. We look for people who are faithful – diligent in whatever ministry...

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Feeding Children All Summer

By Pastor Charlie Butt

What did you do on your summer vacation? In our community you could have spent your summer volunteering as a cook at Annie’s Lunchbox, and enjoyed a great summer filled with laughter, friendships and faith...

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School of Church Leadership off to great start

The Converge School of Church Leadership opened during fall 2011, with cohorts located in Whittier, Calif.; Omaha, Neb.; Duluth and Brooklyn Park, Minn.; Denver, Colo.; Cedar Falls, Iowa; and Indianapolis, Ind.

One hundred twenty students...

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Gift Vette provides funds to feed kids

Pastor Vic Cuccia (Journey Church, Jacksonville, Fla.) expects the church to be sacrificial to help people in need. So when he challenged his congregation to do “crazy love projects,” one man donated his red ’75 Corvette Stingray. Cuccia was...

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Converge pastors respond to Chardon, Ohio, school shooting

Pastor Jeff Johnson of Tripoint Church, Chardon, Ohio, pastor Brian Landrum of Mentor (Ohio) Baptist Church and Dave Scull, Converge MidAtlantic associate director for youth and camping, responded to the fatal shooting February 28 at Chardon...

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Freedom of conscience and the contraception controversy

The following National Association of Evangelicals statement provides good answers to questions that Converge leaders have received about this important topic.

Should the federal government compel organizations to provide health services...

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