MPD Training

We outsource our Converge MPD Training—those story-telling and asking skill sets you need—to two great partners. Converge Missionary Appointees need to do only one of these two options:

  1. (KCT) Kingdom Come TrainingOnline 

    Location: done from your home or other high-speed internet location

    Time Commitment: about 90 minutes each day, 4 days a week, for 3 consecutive weeks

    Class Options: two or three time-slot options begin nearly every week

    Coaching: comes as many months of MPD coaching as needed 

    Cost: $690 per individual or couple, plus $120/mo coaching

  2. (SRS Bootcamp) Support Raising Solutions2-Day “classroom” Bootcamp

    Location: different on-site locations around the country (one each month)

    Time Commitment: 2 on-site, very intensive training days, plus your round-trip travel time 

    Pre-Arrival Expectation: about 20 hours of pre-arrival prep work (reduces your cost by -$100)

    Costs: registration is $389 (-$100) for individuals, $589 (-$100) for couples

    Additional Costs: roundtrip travel and hotel; plus MPD Coaching from “Tailored Fundraising Solutions” (SRS Bootcamp does not come with Coaching)

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