Steps to Serving as a Missionary with Converge

Short-Term (1 month to 1 year)

Short-term opportunities are developed to play a crucial role in the long range goal of multiplying transformation churches among the un-reached.

1. Application

  • Complete Inquire Now!
  • Phone connection with Mobilizer
  • Complete Short-Term Application & References
  • Application Review
  • Approval by International Ministries Staff
  • After appoval: committment from "missionary in country"

2. Field Preparation

  • Budget set up
  • Building support team/prayer partners
  • Field communications

3. Deployment

  • 100% Financial Support reached
  • Departure to the Field

For more information contact: Jessica Pentz at


Mid-Term (1-3 years) & Long-Term (4+ years)

Join an existing team or start a new team among an un-reached people group.

1. Application and Assessment

  • Complete Inquire Now!
  • Phone connect with Mobilizer
  • Complete Missionary Application and Submit References
  • Invitation to attend Missionary Assessment Center (MAC)
  • Missionary Appointment to be determined
  • Commitment to serve with Converge

2. Training

  • Ministry Partner Development, aka MPD (6-step process)
  • Missionary Skill Development, aka MSD (cross-cultural training; and second language) equipping
  • Other as may be determined

3. Deployment

  • 105% Financial Support Achieved
  • Departure to Field


For more information contact: Jessica Pentz at

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