Steps to Serving as a Missionary with Converge

Church-based Trips (1 - 2 weeks)

Converge churches: We have three great options for your church-based mission trips:

1. with the IM Mobilization office in Orlando, check out our opportunties to take your church group to several Converge mission fields to assist Converge missionaries in their church planting and church strenthening efforts; or contact Jeff Lowery directly.

2. with our U.S. Church Engagement Team, work with Jimmy Smith out of his Denver office for other church-based mission trip opportunities.

3. Haiti: contact Selena Gabriel for short-term trip opportunities with One by One Haiti.

Short-term (1 - 12 months)

Individuals: 1-12 month and other intern short-term opportunities are available to play a crucial role in the long range plans of starting and stengthening churches among the least reached peoples of the world. Pre-field support raising and other pre-field preparation time runs about 3-6 months for short-termers.

1. Application

  • Complete Inquire Now!
  • Phone/video skype call with the IM Mobilization office
  • Phone/video skyp call with missionary leader on the field
  • Complete application & references
  • Approval & appointment by International Ministries

2. Field Preparation

  • Budget set up
  • Build your ministry parter team (financial supporters/prayer partners)
  • Field communications

3. Deployment

  • 105% Financial Support reached
  • Departure to the Field

For more information contact: Jeff Lowery, IM Mobilization Specialist.


Mid-term (1 - 3 years) & Long-term (4+ years)

Join an existing missionary team or start a new team among an unreached or unengaged people group. Pre-field support raising and other pre-field preparation time runs about 4-12 months for mid-term missionaries, and about 14-18 months for long-term missionaries. 

1. Application and Assessment

  • Complete Inquire Now!
  • Phone/video skype call with (a) Director of Mobilization and (b) Regional International Leader
  • Complete missionary application and submit references
  • Invitation to attend Missionary Assessment Center (MAC)
  • Missionary Appointment determined by MAC
  • Commitment to serve with Converge

2. Training

  • Ministry Partner Development, aka MPD (6-step process including “Focus”)
  • Missionary Skill Development, aka MSD (“Perspectives” course, cross-cultural training, second language acquisition training, other missions reading and training as needed)
  • Completion of MAC-assigned next steps and other pre-deployment tasks assigned within your “Personalized Deployment Plan”
  • Monthly coaching until fielded

3. Deployment

  • 105% Financial Support Achieved
  • All tasks within your “Personalized Deployment Plan” Achieved
  • Departure to Field


For more information contact: Jessica Pentz at

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