Missionary Assessment Center


What is a MAC?

It’s a Missionary Assessment Center, designed to help you refine God’s mission calling on your life. Over a 3-1/2 day period, you will be evaluated by professional assessors in 15 functions of missionary endurance and effectiveness. Qualified missionary veterans and a professional Christian psychologist will administer one-on-one interviews and lead sessions to help expose you to the rigors of cross-cultural ministry preparation and healthy missionary lifestyles. You will take personality profile surveys, learn what your ministry style is and participate in emotional health screening. Intercultural inventories are also given as part of this assessment. 

Who should attend?

If you sense God is calling you to become a missionary, then the MAC is a great way to have the calling confirmed.

Why be assessed?

The input and recommendations received from the professional assessors can be invaluable in the pursuit of becoming a missionary. Participating in a MAC can help you discover your strengths, areas of growth, uniqueness and gifting to assist in developing a healthy approach to missionary life and ministry. The heart of Converge is not just to send out healthy missionaries but to care for them as well. The MAC allows us to come alongside the local church in creating relationships with all of our missionaries. 

Next Missionary Assessment Center:

March 19-22, 2019 (Orlando, FL)
(application deadline: Feb 05)

July 23-26, 2019 (Orlando, FL)
(application deadline: Jun 11)

November 12-15, 2019 (Orlando, FL)
(application deadline: Oct 01)


  1. Clarifying God's call to missions
  2. Discover your aptitude to cross-cultural life and ministry
  3. Discover your personality profile and ministry style
  4. Receive evaluation from seasoned assessors



Registering & Paying for the MAC

The cost of the MAC is $400 per person. This includes your hotel stay, all meals, transportation to/from the hotel and Converge office, and classroom materials. Payment is due immediately in conjunction with registering for the MAC (registration instructions are given to you after you have been officially invited to the MAC by the Director of Mobilization). For registration and payment questions, please email: jessicap@converge.org

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