2:10 FOCUS church missions coaching

Increase your missions impact and effectiveness

At no cost to your church, our trained coaches can help your church discern where in the world God is calling you to engage by using the 2:10 FOCUS, a proven tool developed by Ellen Livingood of Catalyst Services. The purpose of 2:10 FOCUS is “to discern the good works God has prepared in advance for your church to do among the nations.” This is based off of Ephesians 2:10. The 2:10 FOCUS applies this Scripture specifically to the work God is preparing for churches to do among the nations — and even more specifically, among the least-reached people groups of the world.


The 2:10 FOCUS consists of three unique sections:

Discovery will help your church:

  1. Gain a proper perspective for the Church’s work in the Great Commission
  2. Assess the readiness of the church for such an endeavor
  3. Understand how churches engage effectively with missions ministry
  4. Process how to be strategic with our missions engagement
  5. Evaluate themselves to discover the unique ways God has prepared their church for global impact.

Select will help your church:

  1. Gather research about potential FOCUS partnerships
  2. Learn how to ask great questions to evaluate and make good decisions
  3. Begin the relationship with their FOCUS partner
  4. Begin to develop their plan for effective FOCUS engagement
  5. Prepare for an in-country survey trip to gather information and build and deepen relationships

Implementation will help your church:

  1. Learn how to develop and engage leaders in the church for FOCUS impact
  2. Learn how to engage the congregation for FOCUS involvement and discipleship
  3. Explore ways to be exceptional ministry partners and accomplish the FOCUS plan goals
  4. Invest in networking with other churches and individuals to reach our common goals


FOCUS is a journey, not a formula

Transitioning to a new approach in missions is not a matter of following a script or applying a set formula. It's a journey. We won't provide the answers, but we can help you discover God's specific plan for your church as you seek his guidance and plan for your local body.

Download the 2:10 FOCUS information sheet >


In additional to 2:10 FOCUS coaching, we can help your church with:

  • Short-term leader and team preparation
  • The role of a sending church
  • Systems and structures for missions ministries
  • Local cross-cultural engagement


Read about how 2:10 FOCUS helped one church learn how God uniquely equipped it to reach people in Africa.

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The 2:10 Focus process was insightful on so many different levels. The process is healthy, thorough and Spirit-led. God moved us towards a powerful partnership that will bless the whole church.

Jason Coache, Wellspring Church, Toms River, NJ