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Church Planting, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand
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Partner with Todd and Karen as they plant churches among the unreached in Thailand.

Monthly funding progress: 97%
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We are working among the poor in Thailand, seeking to start a church planting movement. Our goal is to ignite in them a passion for the supremacy of Jesus Christ as their only true Lord and Savior. Please pray that God would unleash his Spirit and his Word in Thailand so that many Thai people, who have traditionally been highly resistant to the gospel, will taste and see that Jesus is real, good and worthy of their worship. Pray for more church planting missionaries to come to Thailand, for more Thai people to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

We came to Thailand in 2005 after sensing God's call to plant churches among unreached peoples. Our vision is to ignite a passion for the supremacy of Jesus Christ among the Thai people. Our mission is to start church planting movements. We are seeking short and long-term partners who will come to Thailand and join us in our work both in Bangkok and in northern Thailand. We are especially looking for some people to join us long-term to plant churches in northern Thailand as part of the Uttaradit CPM project (more information here).

Please contact us at or for more information. 

Bangkok, Thailand //

“Missions exists because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man.” John Piper

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