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Rick left a life of teaching and coaching to serve as a short-term missionary in the Philippines for a year in 1995. Ten years later he returned to the Philippines and began Karis Sports Fellowship. To train pastors to more effectively use sports evangelism and impact his community, Rick set up a nationwide network to conduct coaching clinics and basketball camps. Myla retired as high school principal in 2010 to focus on her family and organize women's ministry in Quezon Province. In 2017 they agreed to lead the Thai Buddhist Initiative. The Thai Buddhist Initiative is on the move. A predominantly Buddhist country, Thailand is only 0.4 percent Christian. A truly unreached/under-reached place. Our team of American missionaries, Filipino church planters, short-term teams and Thai leaders are committed to change that. Our Santisuk English School/cell church model has a track record of success.

To reach our goal of opening 15 centers by 2025 to teach English and start churches, we need 10-15 career missionaries to learn the language and think long term and 200 short-term teachers willing to come each year. One person willing to come for even a month can accomplish a lot. We have worked to plant churches among the working poor of Thailand for more than 20 years. To be even more effective in Bangkok, especially in helping women and kids escape the sex trade in Thailand, we need short-term teams and money for education and livelihood. Right now, we have Thai Christians in Bangkok training to go back to their hometowns to share the love of Christ, but we lack the financial support to send them. As Thai Buddhist Initiative Leader, it is our responsibility to help get our team fully resourced to make a Kingdom impact. We need people, both career and short term, to teach, organize sports ministry, do outreach to urban areas and plant churches, among other things. We are looking for individuals and churches of impact to partner with us in a big way. Please consider joining us today!

Asia // Thailand: 69 million people who need to hear about Jesus.

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